Anti-effection Cenral venous catheter

Description of coating
Rifampin (C43H58N4O12)
Minocycline (C23H27N3O7)
 Reduce the risk of infection
Extend the implantation duration of catheters in human body

Ordering information(CE approved)
Catalogue Number Type Lumen Size Catheter Length (cm)
DCVC1-14-15 Single-lumen 14G 15
DCVC1-14-20 Single-lumen 14G 20
DCVC1-14-30 Single-lumen 14G 30
DCVC1-16-15 Single-lumen 16G 15
DCVC1-16-20 Single-lumen 16G 20
DCVC1-16-30 Single-lumen 16G 30
DCVC1-18-15 Single-lumen 18G 15
DCVC1-18-20 Single-lumen 18G 20
DCVC1-18-30 Single-lumen 18G 30
DCVC1-20-13 Single-lumen 20G 13
DCVC1-20-20 Single-lumen 20G 20
DCVC2-40-05 Double-lumen 4F 5
DCVC2-40-08 Double-lumen 4F 8
DCVC2-40-13 Double-lumen 4F 13
DCVC2-50-05 Double-lumen 5F 5
DCVC2-50-08 Double-lumen 5F 8
DCVC2-50-13 Double-lumen 5F 13
DCVC2-50-20 Double-lumen 5F 20
DCVC2-70-15 Double-lumen 7F  
DCVC2-70-20 Double-lumen 7F 20
DCVC2-70-30 Double-lumen 7F 30
DCVC3-55-08 Triple-lumen 5.5F 8
DCVC3-55-13 Triple-lumen 5.5F 13
DCVC3-70-15 Triple-lumen 7F 15
DCVC3-70-20 Triple-lumen 7F 20
DCVC3-70-30 Triple-lumen 7F 30
DCVC2-70-50 Double-lumen 7F 50
DCVC2-115-15 Double-lumen 11.5F 15
DCVC2-115-20 Double-lumen 11.5F 20